• High performance mineral oil-based metalworking oils.
  • Heavy duty versions available for deep hole drilling, broaching, stamping, etc.
  • Available in a variety of performance formulations utilizing extrteme pressure and/or polaric lubricity additives with or without chlorine.
  • Especially suited for CNC machinery including Swiss-automatic lathes.
  • Universal for machining and grinding of almost all materials.
  • Perfect for job-shop screw machine shops.
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  • Ultimate performance straight oils based on natural (vegetable oil) esters.
  • Added level of safety from very high flashpoint and very low mist/vapor formation.
  • Greatly reduced consumption as compared to similar viscosity mineral oils.
  • Available with or without chlorinated addons.
  • Ideal for high production shops machining titanium, stainless steels, high temp alloys and other difficult to machine materials.
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  • Low viscosity grinding oils based on Hydrocracked base oil technology.
  • Low misting, high flashpoint and excellent settling properties.
  • Good rinsing behavior keeps grinding wheels and machines clean.
  • Efficient corrosion protection even at low concentrations.
  • The CO version is especially inhibited to prevent cobalt leaching when grinding carbide.
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  • High performance mineral oil-based micro-emulsions for extended tool life and superb surface finish.
  • Unique biological concept delivers long term stability without the need for tank side biocides.
  • Blaser's best for all around performance, stability, safety, and ease of use.
  • Available for hard or soft water in low to non-foaming varieties.
  • Available with or without chlorinated additives.
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  • Crystal clear coolant for a clear view of the machining process.
  • Neutral odor and excellent skin compatibility.
  • Free of critical substances such as bactericide, boron, formaldehyde, sulfur and chlorine*
  • Extremely low foaming – ideal for high-pressure systems.
  • Performance in a variety of materials, including: aluminum/titanium alloys, steel and stainless steels, composites (CFRP and others).
  • Designed for use in DI/RO or otherwise demineralized water.
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  • Vegetable oil-based micro emulsion for superior performance.
  • Ideal for the most difficult operations and surface tolerance requirements.
  • If Vasco cannot do it, no water miscible cutting fluid can.
  • Available with or without chlorinated or sulfurized additives.
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  • Exceptionally stable water miscible coolants for longest sump life in both centralized systems and stand alone machines.
  • Great cutting performance in all materials and operations.
  • Very clean cutting fluids with lowest top-up rates, suitable for all water conditions.
  • Dedicated products for specific materials like titanium, aluminium, steel alloys, cast iron, etc.

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  • Cleaners are additives for water miscible cutting fluids, semi-synthetics and emulsions, that can be used for stabilization of the coolant as well as system cleaning for machines.
  • Blasorun 5
  • Blasoclean AF

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Blaser Accessories


Jetmix Drum Mounted

The Jetmix is the ideal mixing device for preparing homogeneous and finely dispersed emulsions of cutting-fluid concentrate into water.


Minimix Emulsion Mixing

The Minimix is an economical version of the Jetmix for smaller customers (pails, drums) with the same mixing qualities as the Jetmix.



The refractometer is an indispensable aid for simple and quick measurement of the concentration of water-miscible cutting fluids.